Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Tour.....

Food for thought.....
1996: Bjarne Riis-Admitted to doping
1997: Jan Ulrich-Retired due to doping allegations.
1998: Marco Pantani-Confirmed for doping.
1999-2005: Lance Baby!-"I am the most tested athlete in sports and I've never tested positive.
2006: Floyd Landis-Just finished trial for use of exogenous testosterone.

I have two points. If these guys were doping you know more were. At this point I think Lance fits right in here. I must be honest, (i hate to admit it) Lance is most of the reason I got into cycling. I loved his story. Now, I love the bike. Period. My second point is that this is beginning to look like a witch hunt. Be careful how we move forward with this and how we treat the men who come forward. If they are treated like lepers then it will discourage more people from coming forward and ultimately make cleaning up the sport more difficult. Ruining their present career out of a desire to make examples of them might be a huge mistake. Good judgement is required. I worry the leaders in the UCI and the Tour have shown they lack that.

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